About the Range

The range is located at:

5800 Bayou Heron Road
Moss Point, MS 39562

The map below shows where the range is located. You can zoom in, zoom out, move the map
around and use the “Directions” feature to show how to get to the range from your current location.

Google Map

The PSC range is a private club and is only open to the public for scheduled matches or events. Scheduled matches are listed on the Events Calender on the Web site. The Range has one firing line. The north side is used for Scheduled events/matches and long range shooting only. The south side is for pistol and rifle. Members are responsible for their own targets and target frames. The range has fixed steel targets at ranges from 100 to 600 yards. The Range also has a 1000 yard berm which is used for scheduled events.

Some other amenities at the range are restrooms, shooting benches, covered shooting areas, and covered meeting area.

 For Pictures of the range Click Here