Qualify for the 600/1000 yard side

Beginning 04-01-2017

To qualify for the 600/1000 yard side and be issued a Key to the long range access road, you must be a PSC Member and will need to participate in a Long Range F-class, Bench Rest, or Black Powder Rifle match. (Other Qualification methods may be allowed if the participant is unable to attend a Regular Scheduled Match but only at the discretion of A PSC Match Director).

By participating in a match, you will become accustomed to how the target carriers work and acquire a good understanding about long range shooting. All matches are posted in advance on the PSC website calendar and All Match directors are listed on the Pascagoula Shooting Club Forum as well.

Participation in A Bench Rest Match is strongly recommended for your qualification due being a much slower paced Match and for the first time Bench Rest shooter the Match is free. Once the Match has been satisfactorily completed, one of the PSC Match directors will issue you a 600 yard Gate key and stamp your membership card as being 600 yard certified.

Rules for Using the long Range side

(1) 2 way radio communication is REQUIRED, A cell phone may be used as a backup means of communication. (Many cell phone carriers have limited reception at the club)

(2) Two people are REQUIRED if going past the 200 yard line. One person must remain at the firing line at all times when anyone is downrange.

(3) Communication with anyone shooting on the short side is REQUIRED

(4) Follow all regular PSC Safety rules.

(5) Place all PSC target frames back in the storage pod when complete.

(6) Store the target carriers in the lowered position when firing session is complete.

(7) The Firing Line must remain COLD until all persons are secured behind the Berm or have returned to the firing line.

(8) The Firing line MUST be COLD before any person exits from Behind either 600 or 1000 Yard protection berm

(9) Use of the long range side can be revoked for ANY unsafe acts or violation of PSC Safety Rules.

(10) For any emergency or loss of communication behind the protection berm, the Target carrier should be lowered to Half Mast. This should also be communicated to persons at the firing line in advance of going downrange.

2017 current Match Directors

F-Class  and Bench Rest    Dave Wendell and Mike Meadows

Black Powder  Lee Burrows